Hawk Spirit

Oracle Message: Flying high above the landscape, the hawk sees both the big picture and the small details, observes the rain […]

Groundhog Spirit

Oracle Message: Endings lead to beginnings and death is a part of life, so Groundhog Spirit is here to let you […]

Grasshopper Spirit

Oracle Message: Right now, you are poised to jump up into the next level of your life and move forward into something […]

Giraffe Spirit

Oracle Message: Giraffes stretch upward to reach the treetops and look down from a high vantage point. When Giraffe Spirit appears, it is […]

Frog Spirit

Oracle Message: Frog Spirit knows that while all the other frogs are croaking away, this is a time for you to simplify […]

Fox Spirit

Oracle Message: Be alert now, for Fox Spirit has appeared, and you are meant to move swiftly. Let this clever spirit draw […]

Flamingo Spirit

Oracle Message: Balance comes easily to Flamingo Spirit, who sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face […]

Elephant Spirit

Oracle Message: Although we often wish we could leave the past behind, Elephant Spirit reminds us that memory matters. We must respect the […]

Electric Eel Spirit

Oracle Message: Seemingly out of nowhere, the jolt of Electric Eel Spirit appears to awaken you to a big idea that you […]

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