Soul Retrieval

THE ESSENCE: Soul Retrieval is a practice that helps you recover a part of yourself—your energy, your enthusiasm, or your innocence—that you have lost. At first, we’ll use soul retrieval to [...]

The Sorcerer


THE ESSENCE: This is the source of dark power. The Sorcerer represents the destructive aspect of the human psyche and the self-centered behavior that harms others. It symbolizes the unconscious [...]

The Smokey Mirror


THE ESSENCE: The Smoky Mirror represents the aspects of what is implied yet cannot be immediately known in the world, the mystery of how things come together and how they fall apart without [...]

The Serpent


THE ESSENCE: The Serpent is the life force of Mother Earth. The coiled serpent of the Kundalini brings passion, healing, and renewal. She offers us the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the [...]

The Seer


THE ESSENCE: The Seer represents the capacity to reach beyond the obvious details of life, into the Hidden Realms where information is available to those with the discernment to perceive it. This [...]

The Sacrifice


THE ESSENCE: To sacrifice means “to make sacred.” The sacrifice is an offering of gratitude made from the heart, a feast of love prepared for Spirit. In olden days, sacrifices sometimes involved [...]

The Rattle


THE ESSENCE: The rattle is the Spirit-caller, carrying the shaman’s prayer to the four directions. The body of the rattle is like the Earth spinning on its axis. With the aid of the rattle, the [...]

The Rainmaker


THE ESSENCE: The Rainmaker is the master of manifestation, who can call on the elements of nature to serve the greater good. When the power to co-create is used with integrity, great beauty and [...]

The Rainbow


THE ESSENCE: The rainbow symbolizes the seven steps of a true spiritual path, which manifest as the colors of the seven chakras. In the Himalayas, the rainbow body is seen as the full realization [...]



40 – PACHAMAMA THE ESSENCE: Pachamama represents the unconditional love that the Earth has for all her children, including the stones, the plants, the animals, and humans. She is the [...]

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