The Ancient Ones

THE ESSENCE: The Ancient Ones are the shamans of old who defeated death and escaped from the tyranny of time. The Ancient Ones once walked the earth like us, in flesh and bone. Now they reside in [...]

64 – The Witness

THE ESSENCE: The witness observes without engaging in any action. By cultivating inner stillness, we are able to assess any situation from a higher perspective and make better decisions. When we [...]

63 – Wind


THE ESSENCE: The symbol of the Wind represents the element of air; it rules communication, thought, song, and inspired ideas. It also signifies change with qualities both positive and negative. [...]

62 – Wild Woman


THE ESSENCE: When the Wild Woman dances into your reading, she reminds you of the essence of authenticity and freedom. Divested of all social constraints and cultural conformity, the Wild Woman [...]

61 – Water


THE ESSENCE: Water symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. It signifies an evolutionary shift from former self to new self. Many myths around the world speak of a [...]

60 – Vision Quest


THE ESSENCE: In the vision quest, you face your fear, embrace your mortality, and then meet face-to-face with Spirit. When we feel stagnant, a vision quest brings our lives into perspective. We [...]

59 – Upper World


THE ESSENCE: Angels, divine helpers, the Ancient Ones, and all varieties of luminous beings populate the upper world. It is the place where you go to retrieve your destiny and find out who you [...]

58 – Tree Of Life


THE ESSENCE: The tree of life is a sacred symbol throughout the Americas. Its deep roots reach into the lower world, the unconscious, while its branches reach to the heavens, the source of [...]

57 – Time Master


THE ESSENCE: Time is a construct of the human mind through which life events are seen to flow in a straight line, from past to future. This, however, is an illusion. Time moves in patterns, [...]

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