The Oracle’s message: Who do you want to be? What do you need to believe in order to have the life you want? You were gifted with the power to imagine. If you can dream it, you can create it. [...]



The Oracle’s message: A tree’s roots are solidly planted in the ground, yet its branches can bend in a hurricane . . . whereas a rigid structure, like a building, would come crashing down. [...]



The Oracle’s message: You’ve stepped into alignment with the greater good, where your dreams and the collective dream resonate in exquisite harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to [...]

The Fates


The Oracle’s message: The Serenity Prayer sums up the meaning of this card: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the [...]



The Oracle’s message: It’s only human to want to adorn oneself in trinkets and paint a pretty picture of oneself. It’s natural to want to acquire the trappings of status— or to deny them as a [...]

Message In A Bottle


The Oracle’s message: Spirit sends you signs when you ask for them; when you believe you will receive them; and when you allow yourself to become fluent in the language of symbols, oracles, and [...]

Truth Be Told


The Oracle’s message: There is the truth, which is the essence of a thing, and then there is a truth, subjective according to the philosophy of the adherent or believer. This is not a time for [...]

Fork In The Road


The Oracle’s message: Every choice has a consequence. You’ve arrived at a fork in the road and are being asked to come to a decision. Will you further your dreams by choosing left? Or by choosing [...]

A Change In The Wind


The Oracle’s message: It’s human nature to yearn for certainty and resist change—to want the world to remain consistent like a zebra’s stripes. Yet nothing in human experience is black and white, [...]

By The Book


The Oracle’s message: The universe works within a structure of Divine laws and principles that provides a framework for human experience and evolution. The Law of Abundance, the Law of Prayer, [...]

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