Cat Spirit

Oracle Message: When Cat Spirit meows, she is calling you to claim your independence and allow for some space between you […]

Canary Spirit

Oracle Message: Canary Spirit arrives to help you find your authentic voice and express what is in your heart. Free yourself […]

Butterfly Spirit

Oracle Message: Joy and the beautiful lightness of being alive and creative in the world is the focus when Butterfly Spirit […]

Buffalo Spirit

Oracle Message: Buffalo Spirit comes to you now to remind you of the amazing manifesting power of gratitude and the […]

Brown Bear Spirit

Oracle Message: There is a time to act and a time to focus your attention on patient strategizing. The arrival […]

Bobcat Spirit

Oracle Message: The bobcat moves furtively and mysteriously, and when Bobcat Spirit appears to you, she brings a powerful reminder that not all […]

Bee Spirit

Oracle Message: The Bee Spirit’s message is that sweet rewards are on their way if you are willing to get your ego […]

Beaver Spirit

Oracle Message: Beaver Spirit is here to tell you about a power living within you that is born of Spirit, the Source […]

Bat Spirit

Oracle Message: After something has run its course and died or been released, finished, surrendered, completed, or ended, there is a […]

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