Spider Spirit

Oracle Message: Weaving your dreams into the fabric of life begins with a single thread of intention, and then Spirit joins you as your co-weaving partner. Take but a single step to make your [...]

Snake Spirit


Oracle Message: All of us need healing at times, and when Snake Spirit appears, it is time to repair, renew, and replenish yourself and your vulnerable heart. Self-care and maintenance work are [...]

Skunk Spirit


Oracle Message: What do you value? What do you believe in? Is your best, most authentic self on display? Skunk Spirit comes as a reminder that you can be proud of who you are and what you have [...]

Seahorse Spirit


Oracle Message: Hovering gracefully, the seahorse observes with the perspective of one who is not engulfed by the drama, remaining at a distance from all the turbulence. Seahorse Spirit appears [...]

Scarab Beetle Spirit


Oracle Message: In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was revered, for the creative magic of Scarab Beetle Spirit reminds us that we can bring forth something extraordinary seemingly out of thin [...]

Sandpiper Spirit


Oracle Message: Sandpipers are like cute little clowns, poking their beaks into the sand before darting off to chase the waves. The appearance of Sandpiper Spirit is a sign that now is a time to [...]

Rhino Spirit

Oracle Message: We always have the choice to press ahead, and Rhino Spirit’s strength offers you the power to break through stub- born obstacles. This animal spirit knows there is more than one [...]

Rabbit Spirit


Oracle Message: A sunny meadow calls, and Rabbit Spirit appears to lead you out of your dark warren and into the light so that you can participate in a fertile and beautiful experience. It may [...]

Porcupine Spirit


Oracle Message: When Porcupine Spirit calls your name, you are being asked to adopt a beginner’s mind and to approach situations with innocence and curiosity—the old, confin- ing stories no [...]

Pig Spirit


Oracle Message: Pig Spirit appears to remind you of the right use of intelligence, a gift we all have that is meant to be used with love, compassion, and discernment. Intelligence means [...]

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