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Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him!

VLOG   BLOG Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him! ( thoughts on why “surrendering to Spirit’s plan” yields astounding results, even though […]

Thoughts on the Exodus of Souls… (or, why every hug counts)

VLOG . BLOG Hey there shining one, I want to talk about a somber subject this week but hopefully with […]

The Little Sparkle That Could

. VLOG  . . . BLOG . Hello Sparkler, HOLY MOLY I am on the road and still in awe […]

Intuition and Self-Esteem: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!

We each think as many as 50,000 thoughts each day. What are your thoughts like? Sadly, many of us unintentionally […]

Intuitive Success: Authentic Ambition and Loving the Process!

I once longed to be a recording artist. Growing up, I’d picture myself traveling the world to perform for cheering […]

My Intuitive Self-Assessment: Through What Lenses Do You See?

We’ve talked quite a bit about intuition and self-awareness over the last several blogs. So, I thought it would be […]

Intuitive Self-Care: Stop Running on Empty!

Many of us are juggling so many responsibilities and challenges in life that our own health and self- care ends […]

How to Reinvent Your Love Life (or How to Break Blocks to Love)

  Love is in the air! Can you feel it? Here we are in the week leading up to one […]

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